We believe that we all have the capability to make a change.

That conviction is the driving force behind our determination to provide a thoughtfully curated selection of products that are both environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced.  We comprehend that this is a journey we all have to make together, with a collective learning curve.  That is why we are always open to conversations, sharing what we know, grasping that which we do not, and adapting accordingly.  

We look forward to being part of the growing circle of earth-friendly businesses, making available products that will enable our partners in elevating their offering, giving them a competitive edge and marketing claim that is sure to impress their increasingly aware clientele.

current partners using compostable and biodegradable packaging:

“This community fuels and inspires us to do what we do, everyday, passionately and wholeheartedly, with confidence that these subtle changes, accumulated, will make a massive positive shift in the environmental outlook of our region.”